tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Halloween - All Stitched Up

Fall has arrived in full force here in Sweden and winter is approaching faster than ever. I much prefer spring and summer but fall does bring with it two things to look forward to. The first being all the great makeup in beautiful fall colors and the second thing being Halloween. Definitely the most exciting holiday makeup-wise, it’s one day that you can really let your imagination flow and do something creative.

While browsing the internet looking for some inspiration for some Halloween makeup I came across a bunch of MAC Halloween face charts from some years back. So I thought I would do my interpretation of some of my favorites, not sure how many I’ll have time do to but here is the first one, inspires by the MAC chart All Stitched Up.

Smashit Hydrating Fluid Foundation - Milk
Mary Kay Concealer - Ivory 2
Sugerpill Eyeshadow - Tako
Isadora Colorful Eyeliner - Black
The Body Shop Eye Definer - Black

NYX Eyeshadow - Black
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

The Body Shop Eye Definer - Black
Isadora Colorful Eyeliner - Black

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  1. Wow scary! But I love it!! :D